Types of Bets at a Sportsbook


There are a few different types of bets available at a sportsbook. These include Point-spreads and Moneylines. You can also find information on Sign-up bonuses offered by a sportsbook. Then, you can decide which type of bet is right for you. Listed below are some examples of these types of bets.

Types of bets available at sportsbooks

There are several types of bets that you can place in sportsbooks. These include straight bets, parlays, and systems. A straight bet is when you place a bet on a single event or player. The payout will be based on the amount you place on the selection and the odds for that selection.

Player proposition bets are popular across all sports. They can be placed on a specific player’s passing yardage, passing touchdowns, and even interceptions. In addition, some sportsbooks offer over/under propositions on player performance for major statistical categories.


Moneylines at a sportsbook are simply numbers that indicate the odds for a game. They usually have a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign, and the number that is farther away from zero represents the favorite team. Using this information, you can place your bet on a favorite team to win, and get a payout based on your wager.

You can also monitor moneyline movement in order to make a smart bet. The betting line can move significantly and impact your winnings significantly. It is therefore important to watch moneylines in a sportsbook closely. In fact, experienced sports bettors monitor these odds religiously.


When you bet on a sport, it’s important to understand point-spreads at sportsbooks. These are the odds that a sportsbook publishes before the start of a game. As the betting action continues, point spreads can fluctuate up and down. This volatility can create great opportunities for winning wagers.

The point-spreads at sportsbooks are calculated using a different figure from the moneyline. The reason for this is that the point-spread does not necessarily reflect the final result of a sporting event. In some cases, the losing team can actually give you a win, especially if the spread is large. For example, Oklahoma winning a game would be a huge loss, but Kansas covering the point-spread would be a profitable bet.

Player props

Betting on player props at a sportsbook can be lucrative for experienced bettors. These wagers place bets on the performance of a player, typically in the form of over/unders. These types of wagers are best used in tandem with other player prop bets to get the maximum return.

A sportsbook can offer many different types of player props depending on the game. For example, a player can bet on how many points the opposing team scores to win the game. A sportsbook can also have props on the score in future games.